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Anatomic and Molecular Pathology

Autopsy PathologyJason Mills, MD, PhD
Kenneth Murphy, MD, PhD
Thaddeus Stappenbeck, MD, PhD
Frances White, MD

Bone and Soft Tissue TumorsIan Hagemann, MD, PhD
Michael Kyriakos, MD

Breast PathologyErika Crouch, MD, PhD
Ian Hagemann, MD, PhD
Deborah Novack, MD, PhD
Jon Ritter, MD
Souzan Sanati, MD

CytopathologyCory Bernadt, MD, PhD
Brian Collins, MD
Hannah Krigman, MD
Souzan Sanati, MD

DermatopathologyLouis Dehner, MD

Electron MicroscopyLouis Dehner, MD
Joseph Gaut, MD, PhD
Frances White, MD

Endocrine PathologyRebecca Chernock, MD
Brian Collins, MD
Jon Ritter, MD

Gastrointestinal PathologyTa-Chiang Liu
ILKe Nalbantoglu, MD
Jon Ritter, MD

General Surgical PathologyCory Bernadt, MD, PhD
Dengfeng Cao, MD, PhD
Rebecca Chernock, MD
Joseph Gaut, MD, PhD
John Pfeifer, MD, PhD
Jon Ritter, MD
Souzan Sanati, MD

Genitourinary Pathology
Gynecological PathologyDengfeng Cao, MD, PhD
Ian Hagemann, MD, PhD
Hannah Krigman, MD
John Pfeifer, MD, PhD

Head and Neck PathologyRebecca Chernock, MD
Samir El-Mofty, DMD, MS, PhD

HematopathologyJohn Frater, MD
Anjum Hassan, MD
Friederike Kreisel, MD

Hepatitis Consultation and Reporting
Hepatobiliary Pathology
ImmunocytochemistryJon Ritter, MD

ImmunohistochemistryErika Crouch, MD, PhD

Metabolic Bone PathologyDeborah Novack, MD, PhD

Molecular PathologyJohn Pfeifer, MD, PhD

Non-neoplastic Bone PathologySteven Teitelbaum, MD

Ophthalmologic PathologyGeorge Harocopos, MD
Morton Smith, MD

Pancreatic PathologyDengfeng Cao, MD, PhD
Brian Collins, MD

Pediatric PathologyLouis Dehner, MD
Frances White, MD

Pulmonary PathologyErika Crouch, MD, PhD
Jon Ritter, MD

Renal PathologyJoseph Gaut, MD, PhD
Sanjay Jain, MD, PhD
Hannah Krigman, MD

Soft Tissue and Bone NeoplasmsLouis Dehner, MD
Michael Kyriakos, MD

Transplant PathologyJon Ritter, MD

Urologic PathologyDengfeng Cao, MD, PhD

Laboratory and Genomic Medicine

Blood Bank & Transfusion MedicineGeorge Despotis, MD
Brenda Grossman, MD

Clinical ChemistryAnn Gronowski, PhD
Jack Ladenson, PhD
Mitchell Scott, PhD

DNA DiagnosticsJacqueline Payton, MD, PhD
Mark Watson, MD, PhD

Drug Monitoring & Toxicology
Hematology & HemostasisMorey Blinder, MD
Charles Eby, MD

ImmunologyBrian Edelson, MD, PhD
Ann Gronowski, PhD

Informatics & StatisticsJacqueline Payton, MD, PhD
Joshua Swamidass, MD, PhD
Mark Watson, MD, PhD

MicrobiologyMichael Dunne, PhD

Molecular PathologyIan Hagemann, MD, PhD
Sanjay Jain, MD, PhD
Jacqueline Payton, MD, PhD

SerologyAnn Gronowski, PhD


NeuropathologyJoseph Corbo, MD, PhD
Richard Perrin
Robert Schmidt, MD, PhD

Special Diagnostic Services

Antibiotic Subspecialty ConsultationsMichael Dunne, PhD

Coagulation ConsultationCharles Eby, MD

Molecular Diagnostics ConsultationsJacqueline Payton, MD, PhD

Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Consultations