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The AMP CORE LABS is a CAP/CLIA-certified laboratory resource that supports clinical testing for the Department's Clinical Consult Service and tissue-based analysis in support of approved clinical studies and translational research. The Lab currently provides resources for routine histopathology and immunohistochemistry, as well as coring of paraffin blocks prior to molecular analysis.

The Histology Lab performs paraffin embedding of fixed tissues or cell blocks, sectioning of paraffin or frozen blocks, and a wide variety of histochemical staining procedures.

The Immunohistochemistry Lab performs immunostaining of fixed and embedded human tissues, including tissue microarrays, usually by immunoperoxidase techniques. The lab has automated testing protocols for a large number of well-characterized commercial antibodies.

Molecular Pathology
The Molecular Pathology lab provides resources for molecular and genetic analysis of fresh or fixed and embedded tissues. At present, these services are limited to departmental faculty and trainees.

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