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How to achieve a high quality scan:

1. Air pockets under the slide cover could affect image quality.  It could also require multiple attempts to achieve a good quality scan.
2. Markings and writing near the point of interest could reduce the quality of the image. Try to make any markings along the edge of the slide.
3. Dirt and fingerprints is the biggest culprit when trying to achieve a good quality scan.  Wipe all slides before they are scanned to remove any dirt or fingerprints that may affect the scan quality.
4. Cracks, chips and scratches will result in a longer scanning process and may affect the overall scan quality.
5. Overhanging cover slips could cause the slide to become jammed in the scanner.  Trim excess cover slip off of the slide to avoid this.

How to access my digital slides:

Accessing digital slides through Spectrum.

Accessing digital slides through Aurora mScope.

I am unable to view the digital slides that were scanned for me:

Finding digital slides using Spectrum.

Finding digital slides using Aurora mScope.

How long will it take to scan my slides?

Scanning times vary depending on the slide quality and the magnification requested.  20X scans will take approximately 2 weeks from the time of delivery while 40X scans will take up to 4 weeks to complete.

For more information on slide scanning times or possible rush service please contact Eric Moll.