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Faculty Supervisor: Robert Schreiber, PhD
Core Director: J. Michael White
Phone: (314) 362-1182
Injection Lab: (314) 747-3267
Technical Staff: Terry Sherlinski, Jessica Archambault RVT

Services Offered

  • Inbred (or hybrid) transgenic production - C57Bl/6 is standard strain, others possible; contact Core Director for more information.
  • ES cell micro-injection - For knock out/knock in production. Targeted ES cells provided by individual labs or through the cancer center, etc.
  • RAG 2 complementation - ES cells injected into RAG 2 knock out blastocysts to complement the RAG 2 phenotype for study of T and B cells within a live animal derived from your mutant ES cells.
  • Tetraploid embryo complementation - ES cells aggregated with or injected into tetraploid embryos. Produces embryos or live mice that are completely ES cell derived.
  • Embryo cryo-preservation
  • Embryo re-derivation - Cleans up lines infected with various parasites or pathogens.

Other Services Provided (time permitting)

  • ES cell culture/derivation- assisted in your laboratory
  • MEF production - assisted in your laboratory
  • Technical/Strategy/Targeting/Breeding/Tracking consult


  • For pricing and scheduling information or other questions, please contact the Core Director.