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The Research Electron Microscopy Core Facility within the Department of Pathology and Immunology is available to investigators at the Washington University Medical Center including members of the DRTC and Hope Center faculty. Services include tissue processing and embedding, preparation of one micron thick toluidine blue stained sections, routine transmission electron microscopy for cell culture and tissue specimens as well as immunoelectron microscopy of tissue and purified tissue preparations.

The JEOL 1200EX electron microscope in the facility has recently been updated with a high resolution CCD based camera for high quality digital imaging. Images will be available for downloading by individual investigators as part of a password protected online system. In addition, digital images can be provided as electron micrographs (prints).

The lab is located in room 4715 of the West building. Dr. Robert Schmidt is the faculty member in charge of the facility (314-362-7429, and the Technical Director is Karen Green (314-362-7462, Investigators are strongly encouraged to discuss their experimental design and individual needs in advance of harvesting tissue/cultured cells from an experiment in order to optimize methods of analysis.

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